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Think About Designer Doors and Entrance Way Doors for Your Home


Transform your property and attain the first impression you have always dreamed of with an engineered door solution from Universal Aluminum Systems. Our luxury range of custom, wood-effect integrated door systems deliver a robust and resilient feature entranceway, available in an attractive range of styles and finishes.

Using our unrivaled expertise in high-grade aluminum, we have designed and developed a unique suite of designer doors and finish options that bring together the best of old and new. These use a sophisticated range of thermally isolated profiles, combining state-of-the-art fabrication techniques with final hand finishing.

Our range of bespoke, wood-effect doors offers an authentic finish that perfectly imitates the appearance of timber and the solid reassurance that hardwood delivers. This makes our door systems the perfect choice for those wishing for a traditional, quality look to their home whilst avoiding the associated issues which can arise from a wooden alternative.

Our outstanding collection of premium doors are available in both traditional and contemporary styles, all incorporating high specification locking and weather sealing systems to deliver a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to your property.

Whilst quality, performance, and security come as standard on our doors, the rest is up to you. Our pioneering new range allows you to design your new door without compromise, and select your choice of furnishings, offering a truly unique custom door solution which is designed by you, exclusively for you.

Requesting a quote from us for your new designer door could not be easier. Simply use our quote request process to design and specify your new door, if you want an all-inclusive ‘Supply and Fit’ price then one of our Approved Installers will contact you with a quote.

If however, you want to arrange your own installation one of our dedicated sales staff will contact you with a ‘Supply-Only’ price Once ordered, your custom door will usually be delivered within 15 days (Supply-Only), if using our Supply and Fit service your Approved Installer will advise you of time-scale.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the right placement of the entry door; in other words, it should be fitted in the right place and in the right manner. Placement plays a key role in fitting the entry door. It is not always imperative that you spend thousands of money on the purchase of an entry door; what is more important is the fact that the entry door you are buying should be of high quality and standard.

Never compromise on quality; therefore, it is not right to buy an expensive exterior door with low quality or compromising on low quality just because you cannot afford to buy the best one. Always check your budget before making any purchase.

Look out for the deals in nearby furniture shops, or shop online for reasonable prices. It is also very important that you know all the bright and dark sides of the material in which you are buying your entry door. Wood has its own pros and cons.

Though wooden entry doors are available in a wide range and at affordable prices, these entry doors require a lot of maintenance and care. Secondly, an entry door should also fulfill the security purpose. It should be well-equipped with set locks to keep the place safe.

Last but not the least, there are many other considerations that one should know before buying the entry door, such as perfect color choice and its functionality for weather-resistance because, in the end, it is not a simple entry door but is the first step that would lead a stranger to know you better.

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