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The First in Waterproof Laminate Flooring for Your Home


With laminate flooring being today’s most popular look for homes across the globe; it is difficult to understand why it is only now they have created their first waterproof laminate flooring.

Many companies have made it possible for homes to have laminate flooring running throughout their home by being the first 100% waterproof flooring range for sale. It is the ideal flooring for any room with high humidity such as bathroom kitchens as it is not only completely waterproof but has the added benefit of being easily maintained.

Whereas before there was the risk of laminate wood flooring swelling or lasting far less without the essential waterproofing, it now means that the lasting of your flooring will be for up to twenty years, a whole decade later than some other types of laminate flooring.

It is the ideal flooring for homes with children or animals where knocks and spills are common problems. The stress of the water seeping underneath the floor and causing moisture underneath the floorboards is now no longer a worry. As long as many companies floorboards are sealed at the edges no water can seep through the joints in the boards.

It has been noted that the noise that is created from laminate flooring can put a few potential buyers off purchasing it, meaning they are missing out on what could make a major difference to their home with this in mind flooring companies have also created their waterproof flooring with a PVC core to eliminate this problem. The noise is dramatically reduced therefore making your home the peaceful place it should be.

These are the other aspects of waterproof flooring that make it different from other flooring brands.

It has a click-mechanism with Unclick Profile meaning there is no glue needed to ensure your flooring stays together.

Easy installation that can be done by the homeowner

8mm thick means it is one of the thinnest of the laminate floors available. The guarantee of the flooring is twenty years even with a high amount of traffic being put upon it. It has the use of being fitted in bathrooms and kitchens meaning the same flooring can be laid throughout the house.

So if there is one type of laminate flooring to be considered, flooring companies have to be it. It has all the essential needs a quality laminate floor should have, but with many extras that could improve not only the look but the quality of your home.

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