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What is the Wood Flooring for Home Beauty


There is a wide array of wood flooring types available today but of them all; this is the one that really stands out. The wooden flooring amounts to 80% of the combined sales of wood flooring, and you will find that because of its popularity.

Flooring retailers have more of this-based choices than other types. We also know that because of its popularity, the majority of homes have opted for solid floors, perhaps as much for the aesthetic qualities as for the great properties of it.

The Many Qualities of the Wood Flooring

The wood flooring is incredibly resilient which makes it ideal for flooring- it is not susceptible to wear and tear as some other woods can be, and has been known for its strong properties for centuries. The wood does not mark easily and will last for decades if looked after well. Any marking that does occur can easily be sanded, re-finished, or re-coated numerous times to keep it looking new and fresh.

The wood flooring is still perceived by some as an upper-class commodity so certain kudos can be gained by having it in your home. Maybe this goes some way to explaining why flooring has been and continues to be so popular.

The wood can be obtained from China, Russia, France, Hong Kong, and England; the majority is available from sustainable forests, so you can rest assured that your new floor will not put the environment at a disadvantage.

The Aesthetic Qualities of the Wood Flooring

When people think of the floors, they tend to think of the sandy-colored floorboards that can be seen in older houses. This doesn’t fit in that well with many homes, however, which does tend to put people off. But thanks to lacquering and varnishing, the floors can come in a variety of warm, rich colors and hues, including red and brown as well as the traditional sandy color.

The choice means that oak can fit into any room of your house creating a sense of space, depth, and light, and help you achieve the effect you are looking for. They also have naturally occurring knots and burrs that give it character. Quality flooring will bring out this character to its best effect.

The flooring is usually nailed to the subfloor for stability, although ‘floating flooring systems’ can be bought if you are not quite ready for permanent flooring. Most boards have beveled edges or differing widths, to fit easily in your home.

The flooring comes in a wide range of qualities and prices so you can easily choose the one that best suits your home, budget, and requirements. It is no longer ridiculously expensive; this is now at an affordable price. Whatever you want and need, it can be found in Factory Direct Flooring.

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