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The Spice Up Your Bathroom Door and Aluminum Doors


Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular small-to-medium-sized projects done in the United States, and given their relative ease; they also become a target for Dyers looking for a quick change.  Probably one of the last components considered during a bathroom remodel is the door, but it’s also one of the greatest opportunities to add dimension, texture, and color.

Here are a few ways to increase the design value with your bathroom door, with or without a full bathroom remodel.

Add Color

Painting the bathroom door is a lovely way to add visual interest to your bathroom.   You’ll need to select a paint that is specific to the material of your bathroom door (metal, wood, or fiberglass), so check with a home improvement professional to be sure you have the correct primer, color, and finish.  Also, remember there’s a little more moisture in your bathroom area than in other areas of your home, so pick a paint that can withstand the additional humidity.

Make it Slide

Who says that bathroom doors have to be on the usual in and out swing?  A barn door is a perfect door for your bathroom, especially if your space is limited.  Installing a barn door creates instant square footage within your bathroom, maybe a place for storage, or even a better mirror reflection.  Furthermore, a barn door is a great place to hang pictures and artwork without the fear that the constant slamming will cause them to fall.

Create Light

The glass on a bathroom door Sure, it doesn’t have to be transparent, but most any glass selection will add light and color to your bathroom space.  Glass comes in a variety of finishes, like bamboo, rain, and custom designs, so if you’re looking for a way to increase daytime light, but not increase electric usage, glass is a perfect option.

The Doors carries a large selection of barn doors, glass finishes, and paint-ready doors for your bathroom door remodeling projects, and if none of the above options suit your fancy, doors to speak with one of the experienced team members about some other options that will create a vibrant entry/exit from your bathroom.

The doors are wooden. Just like the sky are blue and the moon shines brightest in the dark. These are facts. But there are also other facts. The sky can grey, and the moon still shines in the day, we just don’t see it. Keeping this in mind, we’d like to present the idea that doors for your home can be aluminum.

Yup Aluminum Gone are the days of metal doors relegated to office buildings and storage centers, the new generation of home design implements the contrast of wood, brick, and metal to add complexity and texture to your home that was previously unseen.

Doors believe that while wooden doors are beautiful, durable, and have incredible character, sometimes the selection of an aluminum door is the best for our customers, and so we created an aluminum doors department in-house.

Thermal Breaks

Your doors choice include features, like the thermal break, which is integral if you live in a climate that has cold winters. The thermal break prevents the transfer of cold through the metal, which would result in situations like frosted interiors of the door. The thermal break keeps the heat and cold where you want it.

Glass Options

Because we create your doors in-house, we have the ability to swap the glass selections as you require. Maybe you’re keen to have your front door a little more private, we can offer privacy glass or even a reader or bamboo finish to prevent guests from seeing more of your home that you intend.

Size Options

Another benefit of our in-house aluminum department is the ability to adjust the size of your door to your needs. Have an odd-sized front door? No problem. Or maybe you’re building a new home and have a unique way you’d like your entryway to appear. Call the expert of our experienced doors members to discuss your options and the cost of customizations at doors.

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