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Home Common Types of Wood Grain on Natural Wooden Doors


Natural wood door samples are always one of the door types that many people choose for their homes because of the nature of the natural wood that makes this type of wooden doors always durable, strong, and durable.

If you are planning to choose a door for your home, natural wood doors will be one of the quite reasonable options. Here are the common wood grain patterns on a natural wooden door surface that you can refer to choose the most suitable wooden door type.

When choosing to buy natural wood doors for the living room, you not only pay attention to wood materials, designs, styles, but also must pay attention to factors such as color, wood grain. In which, wooden door is a small detail but it has a significant impact on the beauty of the entire wooden door. So how to choose wood grain And what kind of wooden door pattern? Check out the article below!

Woodgrain is the lines on the wood grain formed from biotransformation. Depending on the type of wood, longevity and climates will have different wood forms. Woodgrain is evenly laid over the entire surface of the wood, so when you make the door, the wood still exists and they only disappear when you apply paint on the door surface. There can be some of the most popular wood grain types such as:

Woodgrain cross-section

This pattern has concentric circles with light and dark colors alternating, based on the circle of wood we can calculate the life of the tree. For the older trees, the closer the circle is and the more unique and unique the door set.

Woodgrain vertical section

Woodgrain will form lines running along the trunk, concave and curved depending on the curvature or straightness of the tree, so the path of the wood grain will change with the degree when cutting the wood. Among them can be mentioned some common patterns such as curly, rolling, depending on each type and the tree eyes will help change the surface of your wooden door.

Van wood plug

Car door wood grain is one of the most beautiful wood grain patterns, contributing to the elegance of the door. Van go cam is light yellow with a crimson core; the color of the wooden door is durable with time despite being affected by outside weather factors.

Van of Trace wood

This type of wood has a large trunk, often grows in the Central Highlands such as Kom Tom, Gia Lai. Currently, rosewood has 3 colors: red, yellow, and black, in which black wood is the most commonly used because of the reasonable price of wooden doors, the other two have better wood grain but have Very expensive price.

The wood of Lim wood

This is also a kind of precious wood used in interior design in a general and wooden door in particular. The advantage of this wood is solid wood; withstand harsh weather conditions, wood grain spiral shape is very beautiful and unique. Ironwood will usually have a dark brown cockroach wings, if soaked in muddy water for a long time will be fancy black.

Wood sprinkles of sandalwood

Sandalwood is also a valuable type of wood, has a characteristic scent, pink-brown wood, wood grain pattern curly flowers, wood grain is very small, so the door design will be very beautiful. The advantages of sandalwood wooden doors are solid, not infested by termites or the impact of weather, durable, longevity.

Wooden doors used in interior decoration are a never-ending trend, and the aesthetic value of wooden doors is determined by many different factors. Therefore, with the installation of quality wood sets, beautiful colors, impressive wood grain will make space become more luxurious and modern.

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