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The Right Door Paint Color Feng Shui Home


The main door samples contribute significantly to increasing the aesthetics and value of a home, not only that. According to the concept of feng shui, choosing a color for the main door is also one of the factors to consider when choosing the main door. Here are some key door colors along with feng shui characteristics that you can refer to and choose for your home the appropriate door model.

The dark colors should not be chosen to paint the door:

Red, pink

According to the concept of feng shui, the showy colors like red and pink are not suitable for the main door. We still know the red color as a symbol of luck, then it is also the embodiment of blood, fear. Besides, the beauty of red and pink is also extremely easy to cause excitement, overwhelmed, in the context of housing is where the need for tranquility and peace.

Blue and dark

These are 2 colors that show the murky, easy to cause gloomy feeling, heavy supplication. That is also why the houses of the Eastern impression do not usually have this color door.

Brown soil

Brown soil is the color of the murky, death gas, So extremely taboo and should not be used for the door. Instead, you should choose the bright yellow wooden doors that will make the house feel bright, gentle, full of energy like the sun.

In azimuth, you should choose the color of the door as follows:

East & Southeast door:

The East and southeast belong to Moc, are compatible with Them and commensurate with Moc, are engraved with Kim, and are wasted when they meet with Fire and are affected by Earth. Accordingly, the good colors for this direction are: green, black, blue, Should avoid the colors are: yellow, white, red, purple, and lemon yellow.

Southward door:

Phuong Nam belongs to the Fire element, interdependent with onions of Moc, supports with Fire, is hydrophobic with They, and engraved with Earth, not too much with Kim.
The colors appropriate for this direction are the colors of the wood: green, green; Fire onions: red, purple, lemon yellow. The hydrophobic colors are Mercury: Black, blue; Earth: gold, coffee. in white circumstances is the average choice, neither good nor bad.

Southwest door & Northeast:

Is the direction of the Earth, being compatible with Fire and support with Earth, engraved with Moc, wasted when meeting Kim, normal when meeting onions.

Accordingly, the appropriate color for this direction is red, lemon yellow, purple. This direction is inconsistent with colors such as green, green, white, gold, in the context of black and blue is a balanced choice, neither very good nor bad. 4. Doors northwest & northwest: these two directions belong to the Kim element, interact with the Earth, support Kim and the cavalry with Fire, engraved with They, often meeting Moc.

With this door, so click on colors like gold, coffee, gold, and white. Absolutely not so click on the colors: red, purple, lemon yellow, black, blue. Green and green can choose, neither very good nor bad.

Northern door:

The North belongs to They, is compatible with Kim and supports with Them, hydrophobic with Moc, and normal with Fire. If you make this door, then click on the paint to be yellow, white, black, blue or red, purple, lemon yellow. in the context of colors: yellow, coffee, blue … are the colors to avoid.

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