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The Corner Shower Stool is a Great Space Saving Solution


Shower stools are specially made seating arrangements meant for being used in the bathrooms with the purpose of providing ease and comfort to the users. At times, one may like to just relax without being in the tub; having a bath chair simply allows you to do the same.

Some other time, while wanting to shave your legs, you would like to have some arrangement for sitting down while doing this painstaking job; a shower stool comes handy on such occasions.

In case you have an injured or disabled person in the family, it helps to have a bathing chair as they can sit on this chair and enjoy some privacy while bathing. It also helps the elderly member who would no longer be required to stand on the slippery floor of the bathroom while having a shower or taking a bath. With a shower stool around, they need not move in the bathroom

Shower stools are categorized as medical equipment and are available in inviting designs and attractive colors, in no way affecting the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

It is good to have a corner shower stool when the bathroom is rather small. Corner shower stool doesn’t occupy much of space and can be left there in the corner itself after use. What further adds to the convenience of having such stool in small bathrooms is that it doesn’t have a backrest, unlike most traditional chairs.

Shower stools are generally made from teak wood, aluminum or durable plastic or combination of the two.

Seats made from teak make a very elegant choice for a shower stool. Teak being a variety of hardwood is water-resistant because of natural oils it has, thus making it an ideal material for making outdoor and bathroom furniture. In due course of time, the yellow to the brownish color of this wood goes to acquire a beautiful silver patina.

The advantage of plastic shower benches is the ease of movement in and out of the shower. Further, the cleaning of plastics is very convenient and effortless. If you are required to travel frequently you may even carry it with you as it is very lightweight.

Apart from the corner bath stool, you could also consider the rectangular or circular variations of the product. For narrow bathrooms that are unable to accommodate a regular chair, you’ll find the round shower stools most suitable. The rectangular variety is better suited for larger spaces.

When looking for a shower stool, keep the following in mind:

Weight limit – Make sure that the stool will hold your weight. Usually, the stools are designed to hold a weight of 200-300 pounds. So, if you have an average weight, it shouldn’t be a point of concern.

Quality – Take note of the material used for the construction of stool. It should last for a good time, lest you need to replace it in a matter of months. Make sure it remains sturdy and stable or it could be the cause of some accident.

Height adjustment – If different members of the family are going to use the same stool, you have to get one that allows for adjustment of height. Otherwise, some members using it may not find it comfortable to use. It’s not difficult to guess that too short or too tall a stool won’t remain comfortable for the users.

Handles – Some of the stools are designed to include handles to help users who have trouble standing and sitting.

Non-skid feet – Well, the bathroom is a risky place for the disabled. It’s imperative to choose seats that are provided with non-skid tips on the legs, thus preventing it from skidding or sliding while being handled in the shower.

You can buy shower chairs of different designs online. For example, you may buy a stylish corner shower stool made of teak. It is shaped for being used in the corner, thus providing additional room for movement.

Here is a sturdy water-resistant stool that has a solid teak seat with aluminum legs provided with rubber foot pads and adjustable legs. It is strong enough to bear a person of up to 205 pounds of weight.

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