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The Custom Walk-in for People and Advantages of Custom Walk-in Bathtubs


People with a disability find it very difficult to do normal daily tasks that require their use of hands, arms, or legs. This being said, bathing is also a challenge. They cannot enjoy the leisurely soak in a tub because the traditional bathtub requires effort. Good thing there are custom walk-in bathtubs.

People with disabilities or the elderly will have a wonderful experience bathing in custom walk-in bathtubs because they will have independence and freedom. Also, assistance from their nurses or caregivers will be a positive experience.

It will be easier to get in and out of the tub. The wheelchair can get inside the tub and then, the individual can conveniently transfer from the wheelchair to the 17-inch seat built-in on the tub. The doors are usually extra wide too.

The tub door can swing in or swing-out. A “swing in” feature is most helpful for an elderly or disabled individual getting inside the tub. The “swing out” feature, on the other hand, is a quick access for getting out of the tub.

The door is sealed in tight on all custom walk-in bathtubs. Once inside, there is no chance of leaking water. The user is assured of that. The guard rails on the sides also help with the sitting or with balancing while inside.

The great thing about personalizing your own tub is that you can adjust the size of your tub to fit your existing bathroom. You can get a small tub with a front opening. You can also opt for a monster tub with a side entrance. Either way, it is a personal preference.

Upon visiting the local store in your area, your chance of seeing one of those walk-in bathtubs that they have for sale. However, you can’t help but think that you can add a few more things that would make it even better. That is where Custom walk-in Bathtubs enters the picture.

Custom-built tubs are always an option for people who want added features, parts, and even accessories on their walk-in tubs. These added options can help them boost the performance of their custom-built tubs and make their bathing experience more comfortable.

Added features that can be placed on your Custom Walk-in Bathtubs

  1. Filler Valves
  2. Shock and Scald Protection
  3. Additional Shower System
  4. Bubble Massage
  5. Drainage

Filler valves are important for custom walk-in bathtubs. When you enter a walk-in bathtub that is the only time when you can fill it with water. Filling it up may take some time and may leave you impatient from time to time. However, this problem can easily be solved if you buy a filler valve that is able to fill the tub with water in just a minute or two.

All of these features and more can be easily added to your custom walk-in bathtubs. Only bear in mind that the more features you add, the more costly it will get.

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