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Top 5 Flooring Options That Won’t Break the Bank


Whether you’re looking for flooring for your kitchen or bedroom or living room, the cost is a major concern apart from looks, quality, and durability. A lot relies on the material of the flooring, the labour, and the price per square foot for installation.

There is no denying that flooring can be a major expense and can easily dent your pocket or make the budget go haywire. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the top-quality carpeting options available in the market and which are cheaper too.

Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, there are more flooring options today that are both affordable and beautiful.


Give below are some flooring ideas that are inexpensive and will look attractive.

      1. Vinyl flooringCheap vinyl flooring is the most popular option as it can last several decades and can be easily installed anywhere. The durable, waterproof flooring requires little maintenance and is one of the least expensive options for flooring. As you can order vinyl planks in different sizes, it is easier to get them installed.
      2. Bamboo flooring– Bamboo is another material that has become a popular choice because of its lower price and higher durability. It can withstand a lot of abuse and can be given a look that is similar to expensive-looking hardwood. Most manufacturers offer lifetime structural warranties and guarantees for at least 25 years.
      3. Cork flooring– Bamboo Cork is made from the cork oak tree and is commonly used to make floor tiles, sheets, and tiles. The final costs rely on the thickness, quality, and finish of the flooring. It is a cheap as well as a renewable resource for flooring as it is a natural, renewable product. One can even install the floor on their own with basic tools. Cork flooring feels warm and soft under the foot.
      4. Concrete flooring– Concrete has evolved over the past few years and found increasing use in utilitarian designs within the home, including the floors. Concrete floors are a versatile option because of their modern designs, lasting quality, and lower costs. Moreover, modern techniques allow wet concrete to get stains and colours to create a huge range of styles and designs. You can certainly get more utilitarian and surprisingly elegant designs with concrete blocks.
      5.  Tiled flooring– Ceramic and Porcelain tiles make for an excellent and economical flooring option. These tiles are strong, durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Due to the manufacturing process, the tiles carry greater strength and wear better with time and age. Installation is a lot easier with smaller-sized tiles. Just pay caution and avoid buying too thin tiles for flooring as they can be too brittle to sustain floor traffic.

     Now that you are aware of the low-cost options available in the market for flooring, it is time to start planning and shopping. Just study the pros and cons of each floor type and ensure that meets not just your budget but also your needs and preferences.

    Whatever your budget, you certainly cannot go wrong with the flooring options given above!

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