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What Are the Building Regulations You Need to Know When Dreaming About Your House?


Building regulations are standards that must be adhered to before commencing any building project. You apply for the building regulations, and if the inspector is satisfied that you have conformed to the regulations, then your application is approved, and if it does not, then the application is denied.

Building regulations are usually very detailed covering all the things you have to adhere to for safety or compliance to local ordinances. The regulations might slightly differ from state to state, but most of them cover aspects like structure, ventilation, fire safety, access, electrics, drainage, toxicity, and sound.

All of the things you have to do are covered in specific documents which, upon conformity to a regulation, the document is approved. You need an architect who understands all building regulations and changes made. You can begin your project if the building control inspector has confirmed that you have adhered to the regulations.

The following are the building regulations you should know before building your own house.

Zoning laws

Before you purchase a piece of land, you need to go through zoning laws (if they exist) of that particular area to know the type of buildings you are allowed to build in that particular piece of land. Zoning laws are usually developed by a municipality or county and specifies how land within different areas in the town can be used.

There are areas where you cannot build a single family home because they have been specifically set aside as business, multi-family, or industrial areas. Zoning laws cover a lot of aspects that your designer needs to be aware of. Get in touch with Humphreysandsons for incredible architectural designs.

Subdivision laws

These are laws that cover in detail how land should be divided. Some counties or municipalities have adopted this regulation while others have not. If subdivision ordinances do not exist in your county, then you can go ahead with your project without requiring approval from the county government.

Just like zoning, a municipality has the option of adopting subdivision regulations or not. These laws are commonly adopted in those counties that are experiencing rapid population growth. The laws are put in place to prevent and developments that might be haphazard.

Building codes

These regulations spell out clearly how a building should be constructed and the ideal materials to be used. Building codes apply to existing houses and new buildings. If you are buying a home, it is important to find out whether the building has flouted any building codes to avoid any trouble with the authorities. At the same time, your designer needs to understand the existing building codes so that the building plans can be designed in conformity with existent codes.

Building codes ensure that dwellers reside in safer homes. They are put in place to protect dwellers from incidences like fire, floods, snow, and overcrowding. For instance, there are regions you cannot build wooden houses because of constant fear of fire breakouts. Building codes ae detailed, and as a result, you need to work with a qualified designer to ensure that your dream house is in compliance with existing codes.

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