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What Can You Get From Doing Your Own Little Home Improvement Project


Well, there is the obvious – money-saving. But there is more. You will derive more pleasure from that garden bench if you managed to build it yourself rather than from one you bought at the local hardware. There is much more that is not so obvious.

Have you ever worked with your kids or grandkids on a project? It’s fun and they learn to do things for themselves in the process. My own children have saved very much money by doing things that others pay to have done. I get a little personal pride from that. I like to think I was a small factor in that ability.

Another benefit is realized when the end result turns out to be exactly what you want. I shudder at these people on TV telling me what I want and using all those odd terms to describe the fixtures and colors etc.

Where do they get those seemingly weird terms to describe matching conditions and pieces of furniture and wall coverings? I know what I want and I don’t want somebody deciding what I need or want. I guess that’s only me. The bottom line – I should have exactly what I want when I am finally finished.

Are there downsides to do-it-yourself?

There is probably something to be said for “saving money”. I know I said this was a benefit! Well, maybe you weren’t quite as handy as you thought. Maybe you took a long way there and it cost you more. That can happen. I wouldn’t consider that all bad. Experiment and see what you can accomplish. Sometimes your project just doesn’t work out. Well, I guess its back to Loews Home Improvement and try again. You have still learned something in that.

Is it do-it-yourself for everyone?

Whether you are very successful or the project is a dismal failure – you are going to learn something.
Maybe you will only learn that you need to be very careful in selecting which projects you will undertake. Maybe you will learn that you are pretty handy. However, we will all learn something by taking on some sort of home improvement project!
Why not start with a trip to Loews Home Improvement.

Home Improvement Planning

The general priorities to consider should include Speed, Cost, and Quality. Decide on your priorities first. These priorities inter-relate. Sometimes improvement in the cost area will require more time allowed for labor. The level of quality you require may produce a similar effect. Decide upfront so there are no surprises.

Estimate Material and Tool Costs 

Decide how much you plan to spend and then visit a couple of your favorite stores and get some estimates on material costs.

Gather Material and Tools

Maybe you have all the tools you require but I will bet – if you are anything like me, you are going to see one more tool you need for this project. Sometimes the cheapest route is to opt for rental tools. Try to get your tools together before you begin so you will minimize interruptions in the middle of your project. If practical – get all your materials beforehand as well. In very large projects this may not be practical.

If you think you need help – make sure of those arrangements so that issue doesn’t slow progress.

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