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Have you noticed that more and more people seem to be throwing away what seems to be furniture that is in remarkably good condition? Not the usual usable but still well-worn rubbish that we often see, but furniture that should be a welcomed addition to anyone’s home.

From time to time this may have been the case. After all, everyone knows of someone who has managed to find a nice piece or two of decent looking furniture to salvage. Perhaps you yourself have done this very thing.

Still, what exterminators are seeing today is just not the same. What we are seeing in many communities is what appears to be an epidemic of people suddenly going mad and throwing all of their furniture away.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between trash for the garbage truck and a yard sale because of the amount of seemingly beautiful stacks of chairs couches, whole beds, and more that appear to sit at just about every other block. Why? Why is this happening?

 It isn’t just bed bugs that can move in and stay, however. Termites can render as much damage to a home’s structure as a wrecking ball. Earwigs drop from porch ceilings onto your head, ants seek refuge in your carpets, mosquitoes emerge from standing water cesspools to transmit any number of illnesses to you and let’s not even get talking about cockroaches.

Those vilest of insects that walk over every foul, disease-ridden piece of filth matter around before coming to walk on your food. Some even nibble on your eyebrows and open sores as you sleep!

IT is time for this to end

This is your home and it is time to reclaim it. It is time to start removing the bugs and to stop removing your beloved furniture. It is time to be able to eat and prepare food without that sickening concern that something small and gross has already had some of it. Let us at Best Pest Control Round Rock put a stop to all of this at once.

 ​When you entrust Best Pest Control Round Rock to do the job, you will have chosen the very best in the field of pest control. We know that no matter how your clean, no matter how tidy your home is, these creatures just manage to take root and that now, you don’t know what to do.

Maybe you were told that there was nothing that could be done. Likely you were told that it was going to be too costly. Well, none of that is true. Especially considering the price involved in not only buying new furniture and food supplies, but because the bugs that were hidden are just going to infest anything new brought into the house.

In no time at all, the problem will return again just as badly as before. We here at Best Pest Control Round Rock will put an end to that cycle. Our pest control agents know the most effective ways to stop any bug infestation problem that you can think of. We have seen it all.

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