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The Overlooked Perks of Exterior Painting for Your Home


Exterior painting is often seen as simply that, a basic procedure for revitalizing your home’s outer walls. While this may be the case, the benefits that come with an exterior paint job hardly end at just that!

If you’re thinking about revamping your home’s paint job, you’ll be happy to hear that doing so comes pre-packaged with these and many other benefits.

Increased Curb Appeal

Starting off with one of the more obvious perks, your home’s appearance is sure to experience a much-needed facelift with the addition of a new coat of paint. Of course, bolstered beauty isn’t all you can look forward to.

According to Consumer Reports, enhancing the exterior of your home with services such as painting, re-mulching, and tree trimming can increase your home’s value by 2-5%! Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the future, such simple add ones to your property’s worth are things to be relished!

Pest Protection

What many seem to forget when it comes to residential painting is that the procedure also does wonders for patching up overlooked holes and cracks.

Adding this layer of protection over the breaches in your home prevents pests like termites and other wood-eating invaders from taking up residence.

 Weather Protection

Before anything else, your home is a sanctuary hidden away from the harsh and unpredictable elements. Whether it be rain, shine, ice, or wind, fixtures like your roof and siding provide essential protection you can’t do without.

Many seem to forget that exterior paint jobs can also help in this regard! By patching up those same holes and breaches we mentioned earlier, a new coat of paint can stop water and other debris brought in by weather from entering your home. This can perform miracles in preventing mold and mildew outbreaks.

Red Flag Alerts

Nothing hides damaged exteriors and cracked wood better than faded and old paint. Going over your home in a new coat reveals troublesome areas like

Cracking or chalking spots that are being left exposed to the elements. Beyond that, painting can also reveal areas of your home that are being impacted by moisture and blisters. Catching these problems before they have a chance to evolve into something more troublesome can save you a fortune in repairs!


A fresh coat is like a fresh start for a home. From bolstered appearances to fortified defenses against weather, bugs, and more, that next paint job can easily add years and value to your home sweet home.

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