Parking Survey - The Results

Your Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group worked with independent consultants from People & Places on a car parking survey to get factual evidence of parking needs and trends in Marlborough. Thank you to everyone who provided their input - you can read the results here:

Summary Report

Appendix - Detailed Analysis

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Parking and Transport Working Party

The subject of parking was a very clear issue emerging from our initial public consultations and is probably the hottest political topic in Marlborough today. There are three distinct groups, in the town, with parking needs; residents, workers and visitors.

Many residents do not have parking spaces on their properties and have to rely on street parking. Workers, who drive in to town, often work in relatively low paid jobs and cannot afford the daily long stay charges, so they tend to use on street parking. This problem continues to worsen with the continual reduction in public transport subsidies by Wiltshire Council. Visitors are more likely to use the pay and display car parks and the free half hour parking bays in the High Street.

There is not enough parking capacity at peak times, resulting in heavy traffic congestion and pollution as motorists drive around searching for spaces. An independent survey has been commissioned in order to provide hard evidence of these issues. The problem of parking capacity needs to be addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan, as it affects trade in the town, causes congestion and adds to pollution.