What are the assessments?

Assessments are the general areas of work undertaken by the working parties to collect evidence in support of the Neighborhood Plan.

These may include:

1) A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) - An SA is an assessment of the social, environmental and economic effects of a plan, and ‘reasonable alternatives’ to the plan. It helps ensure that decisions are made that contribute to achieving sustainable development.

2) A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - An SEA is required for plans which are likely to have significant environmental impact. It focuses on the significant environmental effects of a plan, and ‘reasonable alternatives’ to the plan, and is usually incorporated within the Sustainability Appraisal assessment.

3) A Housing Needs Analysis – This attempts to evaluate the community’s housing needs based on the available information. For more information on such assessments you can look at the Planning Practice Guidelines.

4) Business Needs Analysis – This looks at the projected needs of the business community in terms of infrastructure & available sites for development.

5) Transport & Infrastructure Analysis – This identifies & describes the existing transport links within the area, and assesses what the needs of the area will be within the lifetime of the Neighbourhood Plan.

6) Environmental Analysis – This reviews the existing evidence of the impact local activity (business, schools, transport, tourism, etc.) has on the local environment & assesses any mitigation actions which can be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.