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The Neighbourhood Plan comes from what the local people want to see for land use in their area; so it is important that you let us have your views.  The steering group held roadshows in 2016 and 2017 in Marlborough and the adjacent three parishes, and collated the feedback that you gave us on your priorities.  You showed us clear areas that you wanted us to address.  As the Plan is about land use, then some of your concerns are unfortunately outside the remit (such as creating more jobs, or air quality); the steering group has passed on these concerns to the town council and other relevant parties to consider.  For concerns related to land use, we have, in the light of your feedback, set up four working groups.  These are:


Transport & Parking

Business and Employment

Countryside and Recreation

Each working group has been consulting through surveys and meetings with interested parties and representative groups.  They also review any other initiatives, needs surveys etc from Wiltshire Council or other bodies, to ensure they take any relevant information into account, and don’t re-invent wheels.  A section devoted to each of the “Subjects” gives more details on what these working groups have been doing.  The groups always welcome your input, so please use the Contacts section of the website to give us your views.

When the working groups have gained a greater understanding of local needs and priorities for land and its use, then the Plan Steering Group will identify land that might be available and try to match needs with supply.  We hope for some immediate “quick wins”.  For the longer term, these will be documented in the published Neighbourhood Plan, and be able to influence future planning decisions.